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Dog Toy Squeaky Jolly Egg

Dog Toy Squeaky Jolly Egg

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🐾Interactive Dog Toys Dog Toys Outdoor Pet Tug Toys for Aggressive Chewers Floating On Water and Squeaky Jolly Egg for Dogs🐾


🐾Outdoor dog-tug-of-war toy

This is a multifunctional toy for dogs to play outdoors. It integrates the functions of tug-of-war, squeaking, leaking food, molar, and dog chew cotton rope, which bring more happy experience to dogs.

🐾Super stability

 This toy is also an interesting tug-of-war toy. When a dog is pulling and biting the ball, the super stability of the ground will stimulate the dog's desire to win and lose when playing, also attract the dog's interest in playing.

 🐾New material anti-bite

 The molar ball is made of TPR material produced by Bayer, Germany. It adopts a reinforcement design and comes with a cotton dog bite rope, which can resist the dog's long time biting.

 🐾Molar squeaky toy

 The bigger molar ball and thicker ball surface are resistant to the dog bite. It is also characteristic with food leaking function: you can put snacks in the snack slot to play as a food dispensing toy. When the dog bites the toy, it will make a squeaky sound, which will better attract the dog's attention.

 🐾Elastic rope toy

 Fix the tie-out stick on the lawn or soft ground, or directly wrap the elastic rope around outdoor stadium equipment or the trunk of the outskirts. It can be used as a stretch rope ball for dogs, which is not only released the dog's energy but also enables dogs to do exercise.


 Q1:What if I did not receive the package?

A1:If this happens or the quality of the product, please contact us in time, we will re-deliver it for you as soon as possible, and solve any problems perfectly, so please don't have any worries and feel free to shopping!

 Q2:Is this tug-of-war toy can be used in the yard? I want my dog to play with toys in the yard by himself.

A2:Yes, this dog toy can be used in the yard.Just insert the cone into the grass or tie a rope to an outdoor tree. Your dog can play by himself,it is very durable and my dog loves it very much.

 Q3:Is this toy of good quality? I have bought similar ones, but the quality is not satisfactory.

A3:Yes, it's very playable and can be disassembled to play as a dog ball alone.


Ball (with cotton rope) × 1

Elastic cord×1

Tie-out stick×1

Material: TPR

Weight: 600 g

Occasion: Ball for indoor use, Tug Toy for outdoor use

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